Maggie Turns 2 -2017

Our Maggie girl turned 2! She is so vibrant and full of ginger. She dances more than she walks. Usually she is singing and hauling a baby around with her. Last night before bed she asked to sing “Jesus loves me”. “But we already sang that one,” I said. “Sing it again!” and she burst into song. When riding in the van she likes to tell us to “Stop talking.”

Magdalena loves her baby dolls, singing, books, shoes and balloons. Her big brother and daddy are her two favorite people. After that would be her grandmas and Aunt Debbie (who gave her the kitty dress:). Favorite word: Goodness. Favorite color: Purple. She is learning her shapes, numbers and colors.

Sometimes when the house is too quiet and I go looking for the children, I come around the corner and stop short. There they are curled up beside each other looking at books or big brother is “reading” a story to little sister. Be still my heart! I tiptoe away and want to treasure this moment forever. Don’t get me wrong! They are not perfect (who is but Jesus?) but to me they are. Even when they are squabbling over a toy or cup, or driving me crazy with neediness, they are mine….

I want her to be a child, to always have a sense of wonder and curiosity, but most of all I want her to know that Jesus loves her. Little girls with dreams become women with vision.


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