Household Tip #3

The tip this time is all about packing for travelling with small children. In the past, our suitcases were a mess during the trip. It wasn’t any better when we arrived home. I would just wash everything again because we never knew what was clean or dirty. My husband would get frustrated helping to dress the children due to not knowing what clothes went together.

I am not sure where I came across this, but it has been a game changer for us. I shared it with a friend and asked her to give me feedback. They loved it also. So, here it is. Using a gallon pack of ziplock plastic bags, I go through all the clothes I am going to pack and put an outfit in each bag. Dress, undies, hairbands and socks for my daughter. Shirt, pants/shorts, undies and socks for my son. There is a complete outfit for each day for each child. They wear one pair of shoes and an extra goes in their bag. Toothbrushes, pajamas and a hair brush usually completes their bag. Then I have a suitcase for us. To bad our clothes do not fit in a bag… I always slip two garbage bags in the outside pocket using one for white dirty clothes and one for darks. My husband loves this method and I do also. We can pull out a bag and dress each child quickly in the morning and not have to go through the entire bag and have something missing.

When we get home, the first thing I do is dump a garbage bag of dirty clothes in the washer. I put away anything still in ziplock bags and the “coming home” is so much smoother. Hope this can help another busy mother. What are some things that help your travels to go better? Ready to slide into a back pack to go to Grandma’s for a sleepover!


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