Country Girl Creations -Spring 2018

I have the honor of being the behind-the-scenes person of Country Girl Creations. It was started by my sister, Dorinda Lichtenberger. She asked me to help her to make a skort pattern for her girls and it started from there! Our goal is for our creations to pay for our children’s schooling. Now I am the photographer, order supplies, help her cut out patterns, work with our social media and whatever else she needs. She does all the sewing and packaging. Love working with her and coming up with new ideas…

So thought I would share a bit on my blog of what we have been busy with this winter. We make dresses and skirts of double brushed poly and skorts. Our skorts are great for swimming, hiking, biking or any outdoor activity this spring. We also have a spa line that includes neck wraps, eye masks and hand warmers (these can also be used as car air fresheners). Our one year anniversary is here in this month of April, so there are some special happenings. You can look us up on social media: Instagram@countrygirlcreation or on Facebook@countrygirlcreationsskorts.


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