Christmas Traditions -2018

Christmas is a favorite season for us. We have been making some new traditions this year with our little family. I will show you some of our favorites in photos. We love celebrating the true meaning of Christmas -Jesus birth- by starting December with a live nativity at our church. We played the part of innkeepers this year.

Cookie baking with cousins, looking at Christmas lights, unwrapping 25 Christmas books, gingerbread, making ornaments with air bake clay, wrapping presents, getting together with family and hanging paper chains for a Christmas countdown are some of our favorites. Every year, Grandpa measures all the grandchildren to see how much they have grown. We added some simple advent readings each day in December this year. The children would beg for more each day.  So some days we would reread one.

Last year, we made a little nativity set from wooden pegs. That was such a fun idea.

When my Grandma Brechbill was still living, candy was a special thing for her. She and her sisters would get together and make buckeyes and peppermints, among many others. Another thing she enjoyed was a trip to Olympia Candy Kitchen. This is a small candy store downtown. This year on a walk downtown to see the storefronts we stopped in and bought some ribbon candy. Anyone know this candy?

We read a lot in our family. I want to instill in our children a love for reading and learning.

My Grandma Myers loved quilting. I remember at an early age standing beside her at her quilting frame, “helping”. I am sure she redid my stitches later! I love my small collection of old quilts.

A fun fact. Several years ago, the big nativity set downtown, was robbed. The baby Jesus was missing. If I remember correctly, the next year it mysteriously reappeared. I love walking or driving past it and remembering…


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