Apple Orchard -2017

Improptuness (is this a word?) can end up being so much fun! What was to be a quick road side stop for a pretty photo turned out to be a splendid time with the littles…

As I was packing my photography equipment that morning, my son quickly announced that he wanted to take his camera also. Well, little sister could not be left out of the fun, so we found one for her also. I stopped the vehicle, jumped out and said, “This will be quick, just stay in the van.” They were about in tears til I got them both out with their cameras! Yes, it took longer, but so glad I did it.

Something I want to do more of… Take a deep breath. Slow down. Travel the slow road. Have fun. Enjoy my children. Make memories together. I get many reminders that “They won’t always be this little”. I may or may not need to give some lessons on “how to hold the camera”:)


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